Saturday, 3 March 2012

The most disgusting view

Earlier today I was doing ab work on the swiss ball, and Willow and Oakley decided that I made an excellent bridge (while doing chest presses, extra incentive to keep my body straight!).  After I had finished Willow wanted me to make more bridges so I decided to flip over and attempt some SB press ups.  At this stage I should say I was doing all of this only in my underwear as I had just got out of bed and was too lazy to put on work out clothes knowing I was only going to do ab work then shower.

While facing forward, rolling with the ball under my legs and supporting my body with my arms I looked under me (Willow wiggling away and Oakley chasing her) and saw the most hideous sight.  My stomach.  Hanging down like a monster.  Oh - em - ge.  Babies plus weight loss has given me such losoe skin (still with plenty of fat under there too), I knew I was going to have excess skin but seeing it was a shock.  I've only noticed a little bit of loose skin so far (mostly in my thighs), but in this one position ick. I know there is nothing I can do, my skin will either shrink a little or not.  And I'm not going under the knife.  So now I get to have saggy boobs and saggy body yay.  Just as well I had no intention of wearing a bikini...

Interestingly I learned that people on low carb diets are more prone to saggy skin.  I'm not low carb, just less cal.


  1. I know how you feel about the lose skin, I have a bunch on my thighs and it just jiggles around looks like chunky cottage cheese. If I ever reach my goal weight I would have plastic surgery if I could afford it just to see what I'd look like, lol. Good for you hopping out of bed and working out today!

  2. you and your kiddies just makes me smile -- you're all so adorable! :)

    I have heard the same about low carb diet and it's probably the fact that a person can lose a lot of weight in so little time.

    I'd say treat the skin as badge of merit of your hard work and dedication in journey. You had that because you lost the weight :) You'll get into that bikini!

    I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement and support.. your words made me feel a lot better :)Thanks J!

  3. I haven't lost enough to have lose skin but it's already my nemesis. Note to self: don't workout naked.