Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The numbers they are a tumbling

So I just finished a 90day challenge, it was just what I needed to get myself motivated. Today is the 1 Oct, so in the past twelve weeks I have lost 10.3kg (22.7lb). Even more so I am finding myself less focused on the numbers and more on the health. When I've jumped on the scales its just been as a nod to see that yes I'm doing the right thing.

I think I'm really building some better habits, but who can say if they will stick? Food will always be my weakness, I love to eat. But I am finding myself reaching for fruit over cookies, stopping and thinking actually no I'm bored not hungry.

I am 84.7kg, 79kg was the weight I got down to last year before going to maintenance. So my goal is to get under 80kg and reassess. As long as the motivation holds I'll try to keep losing, really what I want is 72kg.

I have two weeks of teaching left for the year, yay!