Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Xmas goals met, what's next?

So my two goals I wanted to achieve before Christmas was to be in the overweight BMI category and to reach the 70s decade. Friday I made it to BMI less than 30 wo0t, and today the scales told me 79.8kg yefuckingha! Which means all the weight I gained earlier in the year has gone, and I'm within 5kg of goal.

But now that its this close, I know my goal will change, if I get there that is.

To date I've lost 116lb or 52kg. I've lost a person. I've lost more than both my kids combined, and probably my kids plus four cats LOL. I've lost 40% of my body weight, I'm almost half the person I use to be. Yet I still feel so damn fat. Well, I guess I am LOL.

So next goal?

I'm not sure, mini-goals are getting hard. 78kg by Willow's birthday (14 Jan), that would be 55kg lost.

75kg before I return to work? I know it should be easily doable, but god it feels so far away at the same time.

So lets just focus on 78kg.