When going on a journey you usually have an end point in mind, and places to stop along the way.  So here are my goals.
Major goal
Weigh 72kg, a total weight loss of 58kg
Pit stops:
Shop in regular stores
Weigh less than Neil (for the first time since we’ve been together back in 1996)
Be able to run 1min
Be able to run 5 min
Be able to run 1km
Be able to run 5km *turns out that I hate running, I can run for 30min and just over 4km but I really hate it still so given up*
Be able to swim 2km
Be able to swim 5km

Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees
Be happy with a photo taken of me
Walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath
Weigh 100kg
Weigh 90kg
Weigh 80kg
Weigh 75kg