Thursday, 29 March 2012

Oh yeh, hi muslces!

So I did my first ever pump class.  Oh man am I going to be sore in the morning!  I was shaking so hard from muscle fatigue, and now my biceps in particular are so weak and already starting to get a wee ache on.  I think I will do pump every week, I really enjoyed it.  Luckily my friend Chelsea has been lots so I asked her to come with me so I knew what to do in regards to getting all my bars and stuff.

I like classes because with everyone around you it pushes you just that little more.  And now that I'm not swimming (just no convenient time) I wanted something that wasn't just going to the gym and doing the same cardio/weight combo.

This last 10kg is way too stubborn.  Here is hoping that a little more muscle building will help.

Friday, 23 March 2012

New scales I have defeated you!

So I'm back under 85kg, 84.8kg.  So take that new scales that wanted to throw my game!  I'm daily weighing now, never use to be a fan but I'm finding it is helping me so much with keeping my focus.  I think because I'm within 10kg of goal the battle is just so much harder that I'm celebrating every 100g loss.  And its still two steps forward one step back, but hopefully I'll be under 80kg before my birthday and I'll be able to say I'm in my 70s, which is the range I was in when I was 18.  Ye-haw.

Life's good.  The family drama still sucks but we're dealing with it.  Hope ya'll are happy out there in net land.

Monday, 19 March 2012

New scales... damn it!

So my new scales arrived today, and now I'm back over the 85kg mark.  Damn it.  I know this is just recalibration, not that I actually gained a couple of kg last week (although I didn't have the best week, it sure wasn't that bad).  So now its just time to refocus and making those numbers go down again.

I haven't been to the gym in over a week.  Last week a combination of the family drama and Neil being in Australia for work meant I couldn't go.  This morning I packed my gym gear ready to go to the gym this evening after work (my gym is at my work), Neil was picking the kids up from care.  By 4pm I was like man I'm so tired maybe I'll skip.  But then I was like no, lets go!  So I grabbed my gym gear and then realised I had no socks.  Damn it! 

Tomorrow I have family commitment in the evening, I'm going to take my gym gear with me just in case it doesn't take as long as I'm expecting. I'm not really sure what is happening, other than I am there as peace keeper chaperone.  I imagine that its going to be late, but I figure if I'm prepared that might just work.

So that leaves Wednesday morning, all going to plan I can get my tuckus to the gym.  I wish I could work out every morning I hate evening work outs.  But hey, only three more weeks and then I'm on holiday for two weeks so I'll have a nice two weeks of Mon-Thu being able to work out when I want.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Um, yeh...

So I'm kind of experiencing some crap at the moment.  I can't say much due to anything I put out there to the big wide web can come back.  But in short a family member has got a drug problem and so I'm trying to deal with that, being the person she trusts the most I'm playing liason with the rest of the family and trying to just keep everything together. 

Thus everything else is kind of on the back burner, no gym this week as I have no time.  Neil is in Australia again and now that I'm back at work my hours are full.  I'm hoping to at least go for a walk on Friday with the kids.  Food wise I was doing ok until today, exhaustion has led to not having the energy to prepare food.  I was given a slice of double mousse pie by a friend so that and sushi was lunch.  On the way home all I wanted was chocolate so I stopped and got a kit-kat and dinner was cheese on toast because I just could not face cooking.

I've been asked to write an article for the university teaching magazine so I have to work on that tonight, but my plan is to go roast some veges and then work on the article while they cook.  Then tomorrow when I get home make a roast vege pasta.  And hopefully I can get an early night, I'm very lucky both kids sleep well (they are in bed at 7 and 7:30pm and don't get up until 6:30-7am).

Don't know what my weight is, my last weigh in I finally broke the 85kg mark and was 84.8kg :)  But then Neil broke my scales LOL  So now I've got new ones on the way.  Which of course means I will weigh something different, I wish I had been weighing at the gym as well but n'mind.  So I'll be somewhere in the 80s and I'll just start tracking again making sure those numbers drop.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The angel and the devil

Don't you love the debates your brain has.  "Do it", "don't do it".  The angel on my shoulder gets poked with the devil's fork quite often, and is often just poked right off my shoulder!  But today I'm happy to report that when the devil tried his sneaky move, my angel opened up some ninja kick ass and won :)

Today I got my schedule wrong, I dropped the kids off at 8:30 and had to meet students at 9:30.  I had planned on going to the gym, thinking I'd have a good hour to spare.  When I got to work I realised my error, there was no way I'd have the chance to work out, shower and be up in my office.  Well at least that is what devil told me.  He was opting for just going up to my office and using the shower up in our block and saying screw the gym.  But no, angel opened whoop ass can and I went to the gym and just did 25min of cardio realising something was better than nothing!

I'm also really happy that I've managed to stay on plan at work.  I was organised and made roast vege frittata which was yum and just meant in the morning I popped it in to my lunch box.  Because mornings in our house are nuts as I'm sure you can imagine with two lil ones plus DH and I trying to all get ready.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tired brain tired body

First day back at work, great day but man am I bushed.  My throat is a little sore, a combination of an annoying cold that I've had for about a month and talking for four hours straight.  Seriously, this cold is pissing me off, we've all go it, it just won't go away.  I sound like a smoker, its a hacking cough ready to spit out a lung,  But its very on and off, I'll be super blocked one day and then fine the next.

Alas Willow's cold seems to have gotten worse suddenly, she has an earache so it looks like the cold has really got in to her sinus.  She is asleep in my bed at the moment, its going to be one of those nights, not great when I'm already tired (I'm going to bed soon, and its only just gone 8:30!).  She woke four times last night, not from being sick but bad dreams and losing her pillow.  The joy of three year olds, they can't work out to reach over and pick their own pillow up LOL.  So I was tired waking up today but still went to the gym.  I feel awesome for doing it.

No gym tomorrow, my day is too full on.  But I'll go Wednesday as planned and then Thursday hopefully go to a step class.  And I was on plan for food so pretty happy, but I needed to be coz on the weekend I ate lots of crap and the scales showed it.  Not sure how much is water retention (TOM is due) and how much is actual gain.  But I don't care, I ate lots of yummy chocolate baked cheesecake and some mini berry muffins.  The muffins Willow and I baked last night, along with banana cake.  Luckily I don't really like banana cake and the mini muffins are all in the freezer so no temptation.

Night night all.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Last weekend I was 86.4kg and I set the goal to be under 86 by this Sunday.  Today I'm 85.7kg so 800g loss (1.8lb).  Next Sunday I am looking to be less that 85.5kg and ideally 85.0.  I know this is a modest goal but with returning to work first week back is always crazy so while I'm planning of working out and staying on plan I have to be flexible.  Especially as I am always exhausted after first week (four months of nothing its a shock to the system to be working again).  But if I reach 85kg, I will be 10kg from goal.  What a feeling.

Didi, to answer your question, I teach college biology.  I love it, I love science and while in grad school working as a TA I discovered I loved teaching too.  I'm super lucky that I get to teach the practical biology, most of my teaching is done in the lab.  The down side to this is you can't eat in the lab and when a class is busy I can't pop out for a bite.  And the classes are three hours long.  On a Tuesday I teach a theory class 9-10, then I'm straight in the lab 10-1, and then a break and lab 2-5.  But that break is often filled up with paper work so lunch is eaten at my desk or while seeing students.  What this means is that I often get to the end of Tuesday (and Thursday as well because I have a double lab day) and realise I've had one drink all day.  So this semester I'm going to make a much greater effort to get more fluids in.  Again it means having to leave the lab, but at least I can just half stand outside the door and drink from my water bottle.  I'm thinking of setting a timer on my phone to remind myself.

The most disgusting view

Earlier today I was doing ab work on the swiss ball, and Willow and Oakley decided that I made an excellent bridge (while doing chest presses, extra incentive to keep my body straight!).  After I had finished Willow wanted me to make more bridges so I decided to flip over and attempt some SB press ups.  At this stage I should say I was doing all of this only in my underwear as I had just got out of bed and was too lazy to put on work out clothes knowing I was only going to do ab work then shower.

While facing forward, rolling with the ball under my legs and supporting my body with my arms I looked under me (Willow wiggling away and Oakley chasing her) and saw the most hideous sight.  My stomach.  Hanging down like a monster.  Oh - em - ge.  Babies plus weight loss has given me such losoe skin (still with plenty of fat under there too), I knew I was going to have excess skin but seeing it was a shock.  I've only noticed a little bit of loose skin so far (mostly in my thighs), but in this one position ick. I know there is nothing I can do, my skin will either shrink a little or not.  And I'm not going under the knife.  So now I get to have saggy boobs and saggy body yay.  Just as well I had no intention of wearing a bikini...

Interestingly I learned that people on low carb diets are more prone to saggy skin.  I'm not low carb, just less cal.