Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Last weekend I was 86.4kg and I set the goal to be under 86 by this Sunday.  Today I'm 85.7kg so 800g loss (1.8lb).  Next Sunday I am looking to be less that 85.5kg and ideally 85.0.  I know this is a modest goal but with returning to work first week back is always crazy so while I'm planning of working out and staying on plan I have to be flexible.  Especially as I am always exhausted after first week (four months of nothing its a shock to the system to be working again).  But if I reach 85kg, I will be 10kg from goal.  What a feeling.

Didi, to answer your question, I teach college biology.  I love it, I love science and while in grad school working as a TA I discovered I loved teaching too.  I'm super lucky that I get to teach the practical biology, most of my teaching is done in the lab.  The down side to this is you can't eat in the lab and when a class is busy I can't pop out for a bite.  And the classes are three hours long.  On a Tuesday I teach a theory class 9-10, then I'm straight in the lab 10-1, and then a break and lab 2-5.  But that break is often filled up with paper work so lunch is eaten at my desk or while seeing students.  What this means is that I often get to the end of Tuesday (and Thursday as well because I have a double lab day) and realise I've had one drink all day.  So this semester I'm going to make a much greater effort to get more fluids in.  Again it means having to leave the lab, but at least I can just half stand outside the door and drink from my water bottle.  I'm thinking of setting a timer on my phone to remind myself.


  1. No matter how small or big the goal, the important thing is just committing to get to it! Nice job!

  2. I couldn't remember if it was biology or chemistry.
    My super awesome cousin is a biology teacher. Science chicks are just cool.