Monday, 29 July 2013

Two posts in two days!

I just wanted to write here because I'm super proud. I lost another 1.6kg this week (3.5lb) bringing my total loss to 5.1kg and 5% bw reduction. My next mini goal is 10%bw reduction which is 4.9kg away. I'd like to hit it by the end of August but that might be a little unrealistic, I'm certainly well on track though.

I have a busy day today, seven hours of teaching plus I need to do about three hours of marking, so it will be a taking work home kinda day. Plus I need to work on my teaching porfolio, I keep putting it off because I don't have a meeting with my supervisor until mid-August. But I know From mid-Aug until end of semester I will be so chaotically flat out I really do need to get my butt moving on my studies.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Will the world stop turning just for a day

Don't you hate that feeling of playing catch up? Some days everything seems to go wrong because you just don't have enough time to stop and correct something, catch your breath before moving on.

This is me at the moment, today in particular was insane until about 30min ago when I realised I had actually got to the top of Mount ToDo. Its a nice view, but I suspect I won't be here long!

Life for me is full on, not only family and work, now I am studying again (post grad studies in tertiary teaching) as well plus trying to really stay on focus weight wise. Exercise has been what I gave up, but its temporary and I'm ok with that. Focus is on diet and so far its working. Of course in saying that I'm only starting week 3 of being focused again so yanno how this ride goes.

Still, feel confident that by the end of semester I'll be back down to my adult lowest and fingers crossed this time I can maintain. I just need to watch my stress and boredom levels.  My life seems to be one or the other, too much or zero free time.

It appears blog land is empty, all my old usuals have disappeared/privatised. I don't have time to look for new friends though, but hopefully I'll keep writing, it helps with accountability when I write here.