Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hi ya'll

Well here we are halfway though November, wow the year is almost done.  And today is my little man's birthday, he is the big 2.

I haven't been around much, even though I'm on break I just found I've not had much time.  Its amazing how busy life can keep you.  But on the weight front I'm maintaining, things have been good. I've found a semi-balance point where my weight seems stable and I'm mostly happy.  I say mostly because the last two weeks I've eaten badly, one of the things I hate about this time of year is the abundance of junk.  There are always get togethers, we have conferences or training sessions with too much yummy food, last Friday I was given an award (for being so damn awesome) and of course it involved an abundance of bad food and because it was in my honour the people organising were a little pushy about me going and eating and making sure I had a lot.  I actually left a lot of my plate and felt a bit bad about wasting the food but my hips thanked me, Xmas parties are starting too so that means I need to invoke a bit more self control.

As always its so easy to make excuses as well, last week I had the kids home for the whole week so I didn't get any exercise in, I used them as my excuse as to why I couldn't go to the gym or for a swim.  But really I should have at least gone walking (we did a few short walks but at toddler pace so not much really).  The previous week my sister was in hospital due to an accident and with going up to see her or waiting around for family members to show up I only made it for a couple swims.  I've not been to the gym proper for three weeks now. But this week I was craving it, Sunday we went for a walk with the kids in the back pack which was good and I swam a couple times.  I wanted to go to the gym today but forgot that I had booked in to give blood - DH and I both give blood together its like a weird date LOL

My plan is to work out at least four times a week for the rest of the summer, except over Xmas/NYs when the kids are home.  The other thing I need to commit to is getting back in to healthier snacks and not eating after dinner.  Those back sliding habits will be back-side making habits!