Monday, 13 January 2014

Next goal almost met

Today is Willow's birthday, she is the big 5. Makes me a little sad to be honest, she starts school at the start of Feb after the summer holidays finish. Feels like she is too grown up!

My challenge to myself was to be at my next mini-goal of 78kg by her birthday. Today I weighed in at 78.1kg so pretty much made it. Not bad considering we had her birthday party on Saturday and I couldn't help but eat some of the food. But we had sooooo much left over, which I promptly gave to the neighbours who have 8 kids living there at the moment. They were very grateful but I was more so, not having the temptation in the house.

So next goal? 75 I guess, which for the longest time was my end goal. But now that I'm this close that is being adjusted. I have a wedding on the 15 March, so being 75kg by then would be awesome.  It seems like eight weeks should be plenty of time to lose 3kg, but its hard to really stay true to plan all the time now. Too long on the weight reduction train! But yeh, that should be completely doable. 75kg here I come.

This is my beautiful girl in her fairy outfit, and the cake I made for her. It was a fairy princess themed party although Oakley went as a superhero as he was the only boy LOL. I dressed up too but silly me I didn't get a photo!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Xmas goals met, what's next?

So my two goals I wanted to achieve before Christmas was to be in the overweight BMI category and to reach the 70s decade. Friday I made it to BMI less than 30 wo0t, and today the scales told me 79.8kg yefuckingha! Which means all the weight I gained earlier in the year has gone, and I'm within 5kg of goal.

But now that its this close, I know my goal will change, if I get there that is.

To date I've lost 116lb or 52kg. I've lost a person. I've lost more than both my kids combined, and probably my kids plus four cats LOL. I've lost 40% of my body weight, I'm almost half the person I use to be. Yet I still feel so damn fat. Well, I guess I am LOL.

So next goal?

I'm not sure, mini-goals are getting hard. 78kg by Willow's birthday (14 Jan), that would be 55kg lost.

75kg before I return to work? I know it should be easily doable, but god it feels so far away at the same time.

So lets just focus on 78kg.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The numbers they are a tumbling

So I just finished a 90day challenge, it was just what I needed to get myself motivated. Today is the 1 Oct, so in the past twelve weeks I have lost 10.3kg (22.7lb). Even more so I am finding myself less focused on the numbers and more on the health. When I've jumped on the scales its just been as a nod to see that yes I'm doing the right thing.

I think I'm really building some better habits, but who can say if they will stick? Food will always be my weakness, I love to eat. But I am finding myself reaching for fruit over cookies, stopping and thinking actually no I'm bored not hungry.

I am 84.7kg, 79kg was the weight I got down to last year before going to maintenance. So my goal is to get under 80kg and reassess. As long as the motivation holds I'll try to keep losing, really what I want is 72kg.

I have two weeks of teaching left for the year, yay!

Monday, 16 September 2013

I have no idea what week I'm on!

Just a little check in, I've lost a little over 8kg (17.6lb) putting me so close to my next mini goal of 10kg reduction. Its down to that really slow loss though, I'm not at dedicated but its because I have to be realistic with life (lots of social engagements, including celebrating 17years with my wonderful husband!). Current goal is to lose these 2kg by the end of October.

Wish me luck!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Nine weeks (of weight loss, not pregnancy!)

Weighed in today, 17lb (7.7kg) reduction in nine weeks. Pretty happy although I cannot shake this fear that any minute now my motivation will disappear again and I'll be back to stuffing down a donut without even tasting it.

I guess that is one of the problems with losing a substantial amount of weight, regaining, relosing, gaining yoyoyoyo. I always feel like I'm one bad day away from losing control and going fuck it binge time.

I'm super tired, I've been working on my teaching portfolio all evening. Life seems to be really annoying sometimes!  LOL. I mean, I'll have a week where I have very little to do and then suddenly I'm crazy busy. Can't we just have a nice even level of stress!

But I wanted to write something here, trying to stay connected and have a record of this crazy journey we're on.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Motivation holding

Its almost been a month "on the bandwagon" and I am still feeling positive. My loss at my last weigh was .3kg, less than I hoped for but I'm staying positive. Part of me puts it down to TOM because I ate really well. But also I realise that after so long of weight battling WL is never predicatable as much as I'd love it to be. I could be perfect all week and gain, only to lose next week. So I'm taking it in my stride and looking forward to getting on the scales on Monday.

What I'm not looking forward to quite as much is a kids birthday party tomorrow with lots of tempting birthday food, plus on Monday a morning tea shout. But I thinking knowing that I weigh on Monday helps me to stay a bit more on to it when it comes to the weekend when I'd normally lax.

I've returned to 3fc, trying to be active on the forums again. I found it motivating to be part of a WL network like that, but it can be time consuming as well.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Two posts in two days!

I just wanted to write here because I'm super proud. I lost another 1.6kg this week (3.5lb) bringing my total loss to 5.1kg and 5% bw reduction. My next mini goal is 10%bw reduction which is 4.9kg away. I'd like to hit it by the end of August but that might be a little unrealistic, I'm certainly well on track though.

I have a busy day today, seven hours of teaching plus I need to do about three hours of marking, so it will be a taking work home kinda day. Plus I need to work on my teaching porfolio, I keep putting it off because I don't have a meeting with my supervisor until mid-August. But I know From mid-Aug until end of semester I will be so chaotically flat out I really do need to get my butt moving on my studies.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Will the world stop turning just for a day

Don't you hate that feeling of playing catch up? Some days everything seems to go wrong because you just don't have enough time to stop and correct something, catch your breath before moving on.

This is me at the moment, today in particular was insane until about 30min ago when I realised I had actually got to the top of Mount ToDo. Its a nice view, but I suspect I won't be here long!

Life for me is full on, not only family and work, now I am studying again (post grad studies in tertiary teaching) as well plus trying to really stay on focus weight wise. Exercise has been what I gave up, but its temporary and I'm ok with that. Focus is on diet and so far its working. Of course in saying that I'm only starting week 3 of being focused again so yanno how this ride goes.

Still, feel confident that by the end of semester I'll be back down to my adult lowest and fingers crossed this time I can maintain. I just need to watch my stress and boredom levels.  My life seems to be one or the other, too much or zero free time.

It appears blog land is empty, all my old usuals have disappeared/privatised. I don't have time to look for new friends though, but hopefully I'll keep writing, it helps with accountability when I write here.

Monday, 17 June 2013


I just got an email from my nutritionist that I stopped seeing last year.  Is it fate that I get the message when I've decided to return to weight loss?  Am I ready to go back or will I be throwing money away?  Today I feel determined, on the weekend it all goes to hell.  And the scales, well I managed to put on 0.1kg.

My jeans are tight, this isn't cool.  I refuse to buy larger sizes.  I am going to lose more weight because dammit I've done it before I can do it again.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dragging myself back on the wagon

So its been about seven months since I last posted anything.  At that stage I had decided I had finished my weight loss journey and was in maintenance mode.  Well, that didn't go so well, maintenance became "oh well its Christmas... oh well we're on holiday... oh man what a hard semester".  And the result?  Today I'm 90.6kg (up 11.6kg from my lowest) .  Yep, ninety point six kilograms.  That's 199.7lb, I'm only just under the 200lb mark.  God that is depressing.

I knew I had put on weight, my clothes were a bit tighter but I thought it was about 5kg and holding.  Then I saw a photo and went omg look at my face.  So I dug out my scales which I had hidden away and watched that number flash at me.

So now here I am, trying to shed the kg and the bad habits I have fallen back into.  But my god it is so hard.  Weight loss fucking sucks.  Seriously.

Anyway, went to the gym and really enjoyed it.  I hadn't been in six weeks!  It really has been the semester from hell for me, and the last half was just so insane I couldn't make time in my day to exercise.  Up at 6:30 to get kids and myself ready for work, then home at 5:30 to organise dinner. Then around 2hr of marking every evening after the kids went to bed.  But we have been hiking with the kids in the backpacks most weekend, so a little bit of exercise.  Hopefully next semester is calmer, it generally is the easier semester teaching load wise.

My current plan is no plan -LOL-  I have a vague idea that I should be able to go to the gym 3x a week for the next four weeks until classes start back.  Once uni is back, first half of semester I should be hitting the gym 2x if I'm organised enough and do work at home.  Because I exercise during work hours when uni is on, Wed and Thu I don't have classes until 10 so I can get a work out in before hand.  But at the price of skipping admin/marking work so I'll have to take it home.  Second half of semester all bets are off, that's when insanity kicks in with so much grading.

Food wise, I've started drinking green monster smoothies for breakfast which I'm loving.  Then its just watching the cals the rest of the day and trying to not eat anything after dinner.  Avoiding sweets, really that is my killer.  Tomorrow I have to make nomnom with my daughter for a party.  We're making cookies and cream fudge, and probably some cookies.  The kids are going to their first disco on Friday and spending the night at my sisters place for the first time.  So hubs and I can go out for dinner and movies.  So yeh, resisting the temptation of the fudge?  Picking better option at a restaurant and not eating popcorn.  This is my life..  wish me luck