Friday, 9 August 2013

Motivation holding

Its almost been a month "on the bandwagon" and I am still feeling positive. My loss at my last weigh was .3kg, less than I hoped for but I'm staying positive. Part of me puts it down to TOM because I ate really well. But also I realise that after so long of weight battling WL is never predicatable as much as I'd love it to be. I could be perfect all week and gain, only to lose next week. So I'm taking it in my stride and looking forward to getting on the scales on Monday.

What I'm not looking forward to quite as much is a kids birthday party tomorrow with lots of tempting birthday food, plus on Monday a morning tea shout. But I thinking knowing that I weigh on Monday helps me to stay a bit more on to it when it comes to the weekend when I'd normally lax.

I've returned to 3fc, trying to be active on the forums again. I found it motivating to be part of a WL network like that, but it can be time consuming as well.