Monday, 17 June 2013


I just got an email from my nutritionist that I stopped seeing last year.  Is it fate that I get the message when I've decided to return to weight loss?  Am I ready to go back or will I be throwing money away?  Today I feel determined, on the weekend it all goes to hell.  And the scales, well I managed to put on 0.1kg.

My jeans are tight, this isn't cool.  I refuse to buy larger sizes.  I am going to lose more weight because dammit I've done it before I can do it again.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dragging myself back on the wagon

So its been about seven months since I last posted anything.  At that stage I had decided I had finished my weight loss journey and was in maintenance mode.  Well, that didn't go so well, maintenance became "oh well its Christmas... oh well we're on holiday... oh man what a hard semester".  And the result?  Today I'm 90.6kg (up 11.6kg from my lowest) .  Yep, ninety point six kilograms.  That's 199.7lb, I'm only just under the 200lb mark.  God that is depressing.

I knew I had put on weight, my clothes were a bit tighter but I thought it was about 5kg and holding.  Then I saw a photo and went omg look at my face.  So I dug out my scales which I had hidden away and watched that number flash at me.

So now here I am, trying to shed the kg and the bad habits I have fallen back into.  But my god it is so hard.  Weight loss fucking sucks.  Seriously.

Anyway, went to the gym and really enjoyed it.  I hadn't been in six weeks!  It really has been the semester from hell for me, and the last half was just so insane I couldn't make time in my day to exercise.  Up at 6:30 to get kids and myself ready for work, then home at 5:30 to organise dinner. Then around 2hr of marking every evening after the kids went to bed.  But we have been hiking with the kids in the backpacks most weekend, so a little bit of exercise.  Hopefully next semester is calmer, it generally is the easier semester teaching load wise.

My current plan is no plan -LOL-  I have a vague idea that I should be able to go to the gym 3x a week for the next four weeks until classes start back.  Once uni is back, first half of semester I should be hitting the gym 2x if I'm organised enough and do work at home.  Because I exercise during work hours when uni is on, Wed and Thu I don't have classes until 10 so I can get a work out in before hand.  But at the price of skipping admin/marking work so I'll have to take it home.  Second half of semester all bets are off, that's when insanity kicks in with so much grading.

Food wise, I've started drinking green monster smoothies for breakfast which I'm loving.  Then its just watching the cals the rest of the day and trying to not eat anything after dinner.  Avoiding sweets, really that is my killer.  Tomorrow I have to make nomnom with my daughter for a party.  We're making cookies and cream fudge, and probably some cookies.  The kids are going to their first disco on Friday and spending the night at my sisters place for the first time.  So hubs and I can go out for dinner and movies.  So yeh, resisting the temptation of the fudge?  Picking better option at a restaurant and not eating popcorn.  This is my life..  wish me luck