Monday, 13 January 2014

Next goal almost met

Today is Willow's birthday, she is the big 5. Makes me a little sad to be honest, she starts school at the start of Feb after the summer holidays finish. Feels like she is too grown up!

My challenge to myself was to be at my next mini-goal of 78kg by her birthday. Today I weighed in at 78.1kg so pretty much made it. Not bad considering we had her birthday party on Saturday and I couldn't help but eat some of the food. But we had sooooo much left over, which I promptly gave to the neighbours who have 8 kids living there at the moment. They were very grateful but I was more so, not having the temptation in the house.

So next goal? 75 I guess, which for the longest time was my end goal. But now that I'm this close that is being adjusted. I have a wedding on the 15 March, so being 75kg by then would be awesome.  It seems like eight weeks should be plenty of time to lose 3kg, but its hard to really stay true to plan all the time now. Too long on the weight reduction train! But yeh, that should be completely doable. 75kg here I come.

This is my beautiful girl in her fairy outfit, and the cake I made for her. It was a fairy princess themed party although Oakley went as a superhero as he was the only boy LOL. I dressed up too but silly me I didn't get a photo!


  1. HEY!!! It's Didi from the long long ago days of 3fc. I stumbled onto your blog, and wanted to say hi. Both of us stopped blogging for a while, and it looks like you haven't posted in a long while. Most of the old group don't post regularly like we used to, but some of us have a facebook group together (totally unrelated to weight loss) if you are interested in joining. My new blog is at Hope you are well. :)

  2. I've had major issues getting comments to work but I've finally solved it and had to say hello while I am sure it's working! HELLO out there! We miss you, if you're still around come say hi and let us all know how you are! -Pepagirl