Friday, 23 March 2012

New scales I have defeated you!

So I'm back under 85kg, 84.8kg.  So take that new scales that wanted to throw my game!  I'm daily weighing now, never use to be a fan but I'm finding it is helping me so much with keeping my focus.  I think because I'm within 10kg of goal the battle is just so much harder that I'm celebrating every 100g loss.  And its still two steps forward one step back, but hopefully I'll be under 80kg before my birthday and I'll be able to say I'm in my 70s, which is the range I was in when I was 18.  Ye-haw.

Life's good.  The family drama still sucks but we're dealing with it.  Hope ya'll are happy out there in net land.


  1. Family drama AND weight loss? I think that verges on bragging... but since it is you I will let it slide.

    It IS harder to lose as you get closer to goal - high five for stepping up your game and getting on that bitch scale every day. I think it is a good idea.

    I get mad if the scale is moved. Buying a new one would suck.

    1. Yeh its hard in this house with two little munchkins that like to get in to everything! If the scales are on the floor Oakley constantly picks them up or stands on them so that he can see the numbers turn on and flash. So I have to keep them in the hot water cupboard which is very annoying. I'm thinking of getting a flat piece of board and putting them in the bedroom where they are less likely to be munchkinated.

  2. I'm a daily weigh-er too and it does keep me more focused. Instead of being obsessive, I've learned to just weigh once and get on with my day. It's less of a stress than if I waited all week to see the results.

    Yay for being under!

  3. Go Jitter, Go Jitter...yep, your wn personal cheerleader right here! You celebrate and I'll celebrate right along with you.