Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tired brain tired body

First day back at work, great day but man am I bushed.  My throat is a little sore, a combination of an annoying cold that I've had for about a month and talking for four hours straight.  Seriously, this cold is pissing me off, we've all go it, it just won't go away.  I sound like a smoker, its a hacking cough ready to spit out a lung,  But its very on and off, I'll be super blocked one day and then fine the next.

Alas Willow's cold seems to have gotten worse suddenly, she has an earache so it looks like the cold has really got in to her sinus.  She is asleep in my bed at the moment, its going to be one of those nights, not great when I'm already tired (I'm going to bed soon, and its only just gone 8:30!).  She woke four times last night, not from being sick but bad dreams and losing her pillow.  The joy of three year olds, they can't work out to reach over and pick their own pillow up LOL.  So I was tired waking up today but still went to the gym.  I feel awesome for doing it.

No gym tomorrow, my day is too full on.  But I'll go Wednesday as planned and then Thursday hopefully go to a step class.  And I was on plan for food so pretty happy, but I needed to be coz on the weekend I ate lots of crap and the scales showed it.  Not sure how much is water retention (TOM is due) and how much is actual gain.  But I don't care, I ate lots of yummy chocolate baked cheesecake and some mini berry muffins.  The muffins Willow and I baked last night, along with banana cake.  Luckily I don't really like banana cake and the mini muffins are all in the freezer so no temptation.

Night night all.


  1. Great job going to the gym even though you're sick and busy. I hope you all feel better soon!