Monday, 19 March 2012

New scales... damn it!

So my new scales arrived today, and now I'm back over the 85kg mark.  Damn it.  I know this is just recalibration, not that I actually gained a couple of kg last week (although I didn't have the best week, it sure wasn't that bad).  So now its just time to refocus and making those numbers go down again.

I haven't been to the gym in over a week.  Last week a combination of the family drama and Neil being in Australia for work meant I couldn't go.  This morning I packed my gym gear ready to go to the gym this evening after work (my gym is at my work), Neil was picking the kids up from care.  By 4pm I was like man I'm so tired maybe I'll skip.  But then I was like no, lets go!  So I grabbed my gym gear and then realised I had no socks.  Damn it! 

Tomorrow I have family commitment in the evening, I'm going to take my gym gear with me just in case it doesn't take as long as I'm expecting. I'm not really sure what is happening, other than I am there as peace keeper chaperone.  I imagine that its going to be late, but I figure if I'm prepared that might just work.

So that leaves Wednesday morning, all going to plan I can get my tuckus to the gym.  I wish I could work out every morning I hate evening work outs.  But hey, only three more weeks and then I'm on holiday for two weeks so I'll have a nice two weeks of Mon-Thu being able to work out when I want.


  1. I should have been a professor. I love your schedule! OK minus the teaching and grading and dealing with students... maybe not. LOL

    Good girl getting your tuckus to the gym!

  2. Always good to be prepared in case the mood strikes you just right and the stars align properly. That's pretty much what it would take for me to go. I have been going to a personal trainer once a week for a few weeks but not doing anything in between. I have made appointments for twice a week starting next week and hope my finances will allow me to do that. It's the only way I can make myself go right now. Whatever works!