Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The angel and the devil

Don't you love the debates your brain has.  "Do it", "don't do it".  The angel on my shoulder gets poked with the devil's fork quite often, and is often just poked right off my shoulder!  But today I'm happy to report that when the devil tried his sneaky move, my angel opened up some ninja kick ass and won :)

Today I got my schedule wrong, I dropped the kids off at 8:30 and had to meet students at 9:30.  I had planned on going to the gym, thinking I'd have a good hour to spare.  When I got to work I realised my error, there was no way I'd have the chance to work out, shower and be up in my office.  Well at least that is what devil told me.  He was opting for just going up to my office and using the shower up in our block and saying screw the gym.  But no, angel opened whoop ass can and I went to the gym and just did 25min of cardio realising something was better than nothing!

I'm also really happy that I've managed to stay on plan at work.  I was organised and made roast vege frittata which was yum and just meant in the morning I popped it in to my lunch box.  Because mornings in our house are nuts as I'm sure you can imagine with two lil ones plus DH and I trying to all get ready.


  1. yes I do have those "do-it-don't-do-it" episodes. It really just depends on how my moods are lol. I'm so glad your angel decided to open that can of whoop-ass LOL

    You're doing so awesome! :)

  2. I'm glad that someone's angel has a louder voice than their devil. Just sayin', it's not mine. She's a complete pushover!

  3. Oh my GOSH your Angel is such a bitchin' task master! I wish she would visit my shulder because the devil has a sharpened pitchfork over here.

    Way to go!

  4. My devil has brass knuckles, a gatling gun, and a few large, slavering dog beasts with wings, so it really is quite amazing that my angel ever gets a word in edge wise.
    I don't think poor angel has any limbs left.
    Maybe I can pick a new one up at the store.