Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting to the core of the problem

I have abs.  I have sore abs.  Yay sore abs!

Yesterday I had my session with Sarah and I told her that I wanted a new program with a real focus on my core.  I have never done core work, in fact I avoid it like the plague because I have no core strength and it embarrasses me how useless I am.  Talk about fat girl thinking though "I'll do it when I lose weight", "I can't do that everyone will look at me".  I decided fuck that noise, just doing it!

And so with Sarah's wonderful help I have a new program and I really enjoyed it.  Also I wasn't as useless as I thought so yay.  She made me do planks, she got me doing the easy plank (on your knees) and because I could easily hold that for 1min she was like nope you need the real thing.

What is even doubly awesome is most of it is dumb bell and swiss ball work so I can do it at home and hopefully encourage Neil to do it (he also has a very weak core).  So I'm hoping to have the motivation to do it on a Friday with the kids home.  Go for a work, then do core.  I'm pretty terrible at working out at home, I love the gym but for some reason at home its like eh nah. 


  1. I need to start my core exercises again, since my miscarriage I SWEAR I have gained a mom pooch! It seems impossible, but dang my lower tummy has really balooned out! Good for you getting out og your comfort zone!

  2. I've always had a fat stomach, but after kids shesh! I've got such an over hang when I stand up - when I lie down my stomach is actually quite flat. I need to just lie down for the rest of my life!

  3. It's amazing what we can do when guided and coached along. My guy has me do stuff I never thought possible. Now if I could get myself to do it at home I might actually get stronger, once a week with him isn't enough but for now it's better than what I was doing.
    I think people should stand close enough to me that they get my point of view. When I look down all I see it boobage, no spare tire or rolls, just boobs. In the right bra they're not half bad either. Hmm, food for thought...working out at home and invading peoples personal space so they only see my good side?