Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shopping spree

I go back to work on the 5th, I am so looking forward to it.  My brain needs the engagement and I'm hoping it will also help with the weight reduction because I will be more occupied during the day.  It could be the opposite though because its going to be harder to get workouts in and some days it becomes impossible to eat and so I end up ravenous and we all know what happens then - if its edible I'll eat it... mmm glue...

But I have a plan, I'm hoping to work out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Mon and Thurs will be after work, Neil is just going to have to pick the kids up from care and do the evening routine without me.  I know chances are this will mean two minute noodles for dinner and no bath, but yanno I think I'm ok with that.  And if I'm super organised I can make their dinner the night before so he can give them other stuff.  Wednesday is my easy day, I don't start teaching until 2pm.  So I figure I can workout in the morning and just take the work I would normally do home with me (grading, ah joy).  The only flaw in the plan is that I actually hate working out in the evenings, I'm such a morning exerciser.  So we'll see.  I'm hoping to get around this by signing up for a yoga or pilates workshop that is on the Monday night (when the next one starts, not sure when that actually is).

And I'm going to buy fruit to take and leave in my office on a Monday so I can eat it.  I figure I can munch on a banana while walking to a class. I just have to make sure I eat all the fruit or take it home at the end of the week.  Tuesday and Thursday are the hard days because those are the days I have heavy teaching.  Tuesday I start at 9 and no break until 1.  Then 2-5.  And between 1 and 2 I usually have things I need to do but hopefully I can make it office things and eat while working.

So yes, back to work in just over a week.  Which means I need work clothes!  While I spend a good portion of my day wearing a labcoat I still have to wear clothes under it, and I'm too small for all my clothes.  So I spent the day shopping, and actually got to the stage where I couldn't stand shopping.  You know why?  There.Are.Too.Many.Options!!! 

I'm no longer limited to that little section for the plus size, I can buy off the rack in normal stores.  I was like a kid in a candy store, who soon got a sore stomach because there was too much.  But I ended up with a swag of clothes.

3 x skirts
2 x pants
2 x shirts
2 x shoes (ok so I didn't really need new shoes, but hey, um, I needed them!)
1 x gym shorts
2 x bras and panties
4 x stockings
3 x camisoles
2 x necklaces
1 x scarf
2 x jackets

Um, yep I think that's it.  I need to get a few more shirts, but I have a few already that I can wear for work so its not a major.


  1. Ah the problem of not having a thing to wear because everything is just faaaaalllling off ya! I love it!

    I think your plan for going back to work sounds solid. Kids being slightly more grubby from time to time is good for them.

    1. Yeh we're not uber over the top parents like that. Don't see the point in bathing the kids everyday, as a kid I only had a bath once a week and it never did any harm :) So they have three a week (unless they need an extra), plus they swim one day so I figure that is like being in the bath LOL

  2. I don't think kids need a bath every single day. Let them be a little dirty sometimes is how I feel about it. And swimming totally counts as bathing!
    I am slightly envious of your shopping spree. I think that I am due for one of those. What is it that you teach again?

  3. I just caught up on your post since you've been back from vacation. I'm glad I waited to comment until I read them all. Nothing like needing to go shopping or having to go to work naked to bring that motivation back. I hate shopping but I admit I got a little excited for you when I read about your haul.
    I like your challenge...for you I mean.
    And when I'm starving glue us in! That made me chuckle.