Tuesday, 21 February 2012

500 miles for 2012

So I just joined this challenge over at 3fc, oh man.  Its doable, but a huge goal.  That is 804km in a year, or 15.5km p/w, 67 p/month.  Jan I checked my log and I did 53.7, this month only 21.3 to date.  I've got a lot of miles to log!  Of course a lot of my work outs this month has been swimming hence the big drop.

I jumped on the spin bike today, I actually really enjoyed it, I was sweating after just 10min.  Definitely going to do it more as part of my work out, I'm over the elliptical it seems.

Damn I hate my stomach.  


  1. Did it say you had to run it? I did not see that. Distance is distance whether you are swimming or biking, ellipticaling or walking/running.

    I am not particularly in love with my stomach either and I did not have any babies! Just fat babies.

    1. Nope its just distance, so running/swimming/walking etc all accepted. But of course it takes a lot longer to swim a distance. I can run 1km in 10min, it takes me at least twice as long to swim 1km.

      Maybe I need to cycle more to offset the swimming haha.