Friday, 11 November 2011

Silly NSV

With little kids things get lost.  Yesterday it was the TV remote, and as we have a TV that has to be used with the remote it was a dire situation haha.  Anyway Oakley had put it in to the hole in the speaker,  a hole that neither Neil nor I can get our hands in to and unfortunately Willow couldn't work out how to turn the remote around to get it out the hole (imagine the video of a dog trying to take its big stick through a doorway).

So I was wondering what to do about the situation and thought I'd see if I could use my fingers to turn the remote around, I figured if I wiggled enough I could get the remote orientated correctly and then Willow would be able to get it out.  Well, turns out I have lost weight in my hands and wrist because much to Neils shock I could get my hand in there.

I don't know why I continue to be so surprised by my own weight loss.  I mean, my medical alert bracelet which use to be tight on my wrist is now so loose I can take it off over my hand no need to undo it.  I actually am going to have to go get some links removed.  My wedding ring is now too loose for all my fingers and I'm going to have to stop wearing it until I lose the last 10kg and stabilise (I break chains so not keen to wear it around my neck).

Neil actually stopped and took a proper look at me and he was amazed at how much I'd lost in my arms as well, that same reaction as I had about my arms.  Mrs Munchberry you're so right, across my shoulders and my upper torso must be where I've lost the last 5kg.

TL;DR my hands are little enough to get in our speakers

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