Monday, 21 November 2011

I just want to eat

I hate days like this, its boredom eating and all I want to do is just go nomnomnom.  Its not having Neil at home, the kids are in bed and I've got nothing to do.  So I know it is boredom, I'm trying to "thing through the eat" but I find myself wanting to bargain.  If I do an extra 30min exercise I can eat X.

The frustration of weight loss is starting to get to me.  How much is slows down, the bounce around, the slipping self-control.  I'd love to lose 10kg in the next two months which I know I could if I was super determined, but I'm not.  Not with the holiday season looming especially!  But if I did I would reach goal in exactly 1 year.  That would have been awesome.  But I need to be realistic and remember any loss is good, focus on how much better I feel.

I'm losing my zen today, it best be a passing phase!

Cereal and milk
Small handful of snippets [~5]
Couscous and chickpea salad [couscous, chickpea, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, chicken stock, corn]
Toast [2 slices, one vegemite and butter, one peanut butter]
Banana chips [? less than 10]
2.2km swim (1 hour)

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  1. Meeting your goal in a year would be awesome but not if it's at the cost of enjoying life. I have to tell myself all of the doesn't matter when it happens just as long as it happens. Hang in there, the zen will come back.