Thursday, 17 November 2011

Maybe I'm in the 180s?

So I weighed in at 86kg (189.5lb).  I really bounce around its amazing, I weigh on a Monday and a Friday, and sometimes I sneak a scale peek during the week.  It seems the closer I am getting to goal the more I want to weigh to see how I change, and the more I fluctuate.  But it seems I've finally broken the 88kg bounce (I kept going from 88 to 88.5 and 88.8 and down again).  Now I just need to see 85 on that scale and that means 100lb gone.  Next week I will see that number.

Today is going to be a reaaaallly bad day.  Oakley's birthday party, chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter cups, fairy bread, lollies are the bad food on the list.  I just ate a big yummy chicken sammich and I'm planning on eating a little bit of crap but to stick with the strawberries if I feel the need to snack.  I'm stoked though because I made peanut butter cups which are so easy but I've never done.  My friend who is coming is dairy-free so I was trying to think of good dairy-free foods and ended up finding the recipe for dairy-free cups and thought man those are so easy to make!  Peanut butter cups aren't a food that is common in NZ, in fact most people have never tried PB and choc together!

But I'm not stressing over it, if I pig out c'est la vie.  I'll go for a run this evening and get in at least one other work out over the weekend.  Long term trends are what matter, not weekly weights.

Log: Thursday 17 Nov
Cereal and milk
Strawberries [4]
Vege fritata (4 egg whites, 2 full eggs, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, capsicum)
Chicken salad loaf (from bakery, with mayo and thick white bread)
Few chocolate buttons [~5)

No exercise


  1. What is fairy bread? I must know!!!

  2. Bread with hundreds and thousands (either with butter or honey to make the hundreds and thousands stick)