Monday, 21 November 2011

Another Monday

Not much to report really, DH is in Australia again so its just me and the kiddies and I'm missing him.  Not sure when he will be back, hopefully Thursday but as he is due back over there again next week they might just tell him to stay over the weekend which will suck.  At least once this month is over he won't be heading back anytime soon and work should settle down for him.

I was completely off plan over the weekend, but scales don't seem to be showing too much damage.  86.4kg and that was weighing in at lunch time because I had forgotten.  So after breakfast plus water.  I might just have to weigh tomorrow to get a better idea, or I might just not and see what Friday brings.  Trying hard not to focus too much on the scale, get away from my creeping obsession.  I was thinking I should have done "no weigh november".  I've lost another cm or so around my midsection (I don't find measuring to be very accurate as I'm sure I always measure slightly different places, but I have def lost some).

Started week three of C25K yesterday and did another session today (one actually running, the other on the treadmill).  I think I might need to repeat this week, I can't see me being ready to graduate to the next level next week.  But all good, I'm getting better at running on the treadmill, and I think it is helping me with pacing which is where my big problem is.  I am running too fast, no good at the slow jog.

Cereal and milk
Chicken salad sammich [for lunch and dinner, 4 in total]
2.3km swim (1 hour)
30min treadmill (C25K week 3)
10min elip

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  1. +.4 is not too bad for a weekend off plan and after eating breakfast too! I wish my problem was running too
    Keep at the C25K and you'll see 85 kg soon!