Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A new list

So awhile a go I stole from Mrs Munch a list of things I most hated about my body.  Yesterday I went clothes shopping and had the chance to stare at myself in a full length mirror (we don't own one) and now I have a new list.

1. Mummy tummy
Oh yeh, its still number one.  But yanno what, its gone down!  I didn't notice until I stood on the side and realised that it really isn't so bulgy pot-belly!

2. Boobs
I use to love my boobs, now after two kids and a weight bounce of up to 130, down to 90, up to 120, down to 86 I'm starting to look like one of those woman from a long lost African tribe on some nature documentary.  Just a whole lot more white haha.

3. Thighs
I know I've lost weight in my thighs, I can tell because I fit smaller pants.  But they don't look like they have gone down.  There is soooo much fat there argh.

What's not on the list that use to be?  My arms!  My bingo wings that would continue to wave even when my hand stopped moving.  Yanno why?  They've reduce.  Holy fuck I didn't realise until yesterday but I am no longer deadly ashamed on my upper arms.  Today in fact I'm wearing a short short arm top.  They're not sexy, they're still fat and flabby and hangy down.  But they're not wings anymore.

Also while trying on clothes I got a size too big because I thought that was my size.  I thought I was still XL but nope, L.  And size 16 was loose but size 14 too tight.  Actually today I have a size 14 top and a size 16 jeans.  So in between sizes but yeh getting on in to those 14s.


  1. Isn't that something that you thought you were bigger. Look at your legs in your old jeans. I bet they are half the size. Honestly, I would pretend I did not see the pics if I thought you did not look good. But HOLY SHIT> How many times have I said that on your blog lately? Do you measure yourself?

    On your post with the pictures I commented on the smaller upper body - well your whole torso really. But I bet your arms do look a lot better - if you go look at your before pic at your shoulders arms and upper chest - it is really remarkably smaller. You'd think there would not be a lot to lose there. But no.

    I think we looked fairly similar body wise when we started. Maybe I was bigger. I look forward to looking as good as you look. I think your skin will mostly snap back. The boobs - maybe not. But they have served a good purpose. I told you I could carry the contents of my purse underneath my boobs right? Blah. By the time the weight is gone I will be able to tie the two together - maybe even tie a bow.

  2. I just went back and looked at your snapshots. It is hard to see with the print top. BUT look at your June arm v. now. And your overall stomach. That is where you have pulled off the last 4-5 kg.

    High five hot chick!

  3. My arms bother me the most. I swear, those damn things are just HUGENORMOUS! Sometimes I stare at my arms and think, "Gee, that sucker is as big as a thigh."