Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Possibly why I am zen-less

TOM showed up this morning, I was vaguely thinking it was due sometime in the next two weeks.  This is only my third one since having Oakley so I'm not really regular yet.  Even though DH had a vasectomy I'm going to go on the pill soon so that I can regularise my periods hopefully, the reason being I want to make sure I'm not having them at the start of February because we're spending a week on a tropical island.  Niiice.  Another reason to keep up the good fight and begone the bulge!  Not that I'm working on a bikini body, but just less wiggly and jiggly for the photos that will be taken.

DH got home from Aussie at 1:30am, but then he had to go to work so finally we got some alone time tonight.  He has work tomorrow and then we get 1.5days together and then he is off to Aussie again for the last week.  I missed him terribly this trip, not helped by him forgetting his phone so we couldn't text, and not loving that TOM showed up so we couldn't even get all naughty because I feel grumpy, fat, and sore.

Also, no exercise since Tuesday coz I ended up having the kids yesterday coz there carer's Mum had to go to hospital, today I had just Willow and tomorrow both kids stay home.  I do love having them at home (they are only still going to their carer while I am on holiday so that she gets money and doesn't have to take on other children as then we may lose our spot and she is beyond awesome) but I hate that I can't work out those days. Esp days like yesterday when it was raining so no even going out for a walk.

So yes, another totally off plan today and not expecting a happy scale to great me tomorrow, but c'est la vie.  Maybe I'm getting a bit of zen back after all?

Cheese and bacon roll
Gingernuts [5]
Chicken sammich
Big Mac, Fries
No exercise


  1. :-( sorry for Tom's bad timing. Sounds like you'll have a lot of time to make up for when hubby gets back next time. Just think of all of the activity you'll be getting then!

  2. Dude, I got my period the other day and it was a flippin' nightmare. I felt like somebody flipped my bitch-switch, and dropped crazy pills into my water. I never get so bad, but I was literally in bed for most of the day.