Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Xdream awesome!

The gym has got an Xdream, which is a simulator style bike.  Man it is cool fun.  You're on a stationary bike (similar to the spin bikes), but you have a comp screen in front of you and you bike tracks.  You have to go around corners (leaning), go up and down hills and feel the bike respond, different surfaces like dirt or gravel.  It has brakes and gears, but as I don't know how to ride a bike (shocking I know) I just peddle away.  But my butt hurts after 10min -LOL-  But man, 10min and I'm sweating and don't need to go any longer.  This is a screen shot of the comp screen.

In other news I was a good samaritan today, keeping my good karma points up.  When leaving the gym there was a lady carrying her young child (about 2) and it was raining.  I drove past her and then did a U-turn when I realised she wasn't walking to a car and then stopped and gave her a lift (because I have car seats of course).  She was so grateful, but I was like hey I just hope if I'm every in your position some one will do that for me.  Because I know carrying either of my kids is a killer -LOL-  A new little boy started with D yesterday (D is a lovely lady that looks after my two kids, plus two others now).  He is 18mos, and slightly smaller than Oakley (who is 9mos)  haha.  I have monster kids.


  1. You cannot ride a bike. You have to learn before your kids get going on them. Jeesh Lady. JEESH!

    I love the good samaritan story.

  2. Saw your comment about learning to bikeride.

    Spring commences soon eh? Get thee on a bike.

  3. That looks like fun. I wanna try it!