Thursday, 8 September 2011

Maintaining v2.0

So semester is back, so I'm on maintenance mode again.  Sucks because I know I should be able to lose weight just by watching what I eat but I love food and reducing my cal intake just doesn't seem to work.  I'm eating healthy though so all good.

I've had two comments in two days about how good I'm looking so booyah!  Clothes are fitting better even if the scale isn't budging.

I have a school reunion in about 6 weeks, would be nice to lose a buttload of weight before then but really I'm just stoked to be where I am.  I'm not about to starve or go silly, because I know that doesn't work for me and I'll put it back.

Slow and steady wins the race, and stays alive.


  1. maintenance sounds really good to me. I think I should do that myself because like you I love food.

    have a great week Jitter!

  2. If ya ain't gaining you are winning. You lose weight in spurts! Come Spring you will have lovely fresh things to eat, the stress of school will be less, you will be out and moving and you will drop some more weight naturally.

    Have fun at your reunion. You look absolutely terrific!

  3. Maintaining is a good thing! I haven't lost anymore weight in the last couple of weeks, but I'm alright with that. Sometimes life is so dang busy that it's a miracle we even manage to maintain.
    Lookin' good, girl!