Monday, 19 September 2011

Where does our time go?

This semester is just insane.  It is revving up to end of semester, less than a month and it is over!

I've got a friends birthday party in two weeks, I'm going dressed as a Gaisha (well that is current plan), I'm super excited about it and will take pics to post.  I've never wanted to take photos before but I find myself not hating the camera so much now.  Today at the gym I took a serious look at myself (we don't own a full length mirror, just mirror over bathroom sink!) and was like wow ok I really have lost weight.  Sure there is heaps to go, but I am over the half way mark.  I'm almost 100lb lighter so of course it shows, but you know I am only really now just seeing how it shows.  Luckily no one was in the gym because I was fully checking myself out -LOL-

I need to pee, so I'll call this done.


  1. Only just now seeing it huh? Jeez lady. There was a picture of you in your jeans that I thought "holy shit she is so freaking different looking". You look... normal.

    Be sure to check out the lower half when you get a chance.

    I am looking forward to your costume pictures. What is hubby going as? Client?

  2. Nah, DH isn't going, he is relegated to babysitter -g-

  3. Isn't it fun to parade in front of large mirrors noticing all the bits that are less wobbly?