Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lying to myself

I ate total crap tonight, and I found myself writing this post about how it wasn't that bad blah blah.  I'm zen and its ok because I'm in maintenance and I'm not losing or gain blah blah. Then I realised I was so making excuses.

To be honest I'm pretty fucking pissed at myself.  Why did I eat food that I don't even like that much or enjoy and OVER EAT on it.  And end up feeling crappy.  And mad.  Fucking hell get it together.

Someone needs to kick me in the ass, I'm not bendy enough.  Another goal to add?  Being able to kick my own ass?  -LOL-


  1. OK Ass Kicking: What are you doing? All that hard work at the gym... all the dieting and deprivation... all that hard work... all that you have accomplished - why are you letting it go? You are not where you want to be yet. Buckle down and reconfirm your desire to get the rest of that weight off and get into shape. You have an awesome little family to get lean and mean and hot for!

    Do it or I will kick your ass from here!

  2. Thanks Munch, I saw a number I did not like on the scale this morning (89.5kg or 197.3lb), I'm hoping its because TOM because I don't think I have been that bad. I am NOT ACCEPTING THAT NUMBER! There is no way I'm going back in to the 90s.

  3. Go back and look at your snapshots. Look what you have done. I admore you because you kick as AND you live your life. No on hold for you! But sometimes that can mean slipping. Plus the end of the school year stress. I have a friend who is a uni prof. and he has been up until 3 am lately writing some sort of reviews for something. Has him stressed and peeved. Makes him eat. But you do not hide your head and... don't you think that is half the battle sometimes? Not ignoring? Because it is easier to just do and eat what you want. You are an ass kicker. Don't you forget that!

    Don't forget to post geisha pics. : )

  4. Don't be to hard on yourself! Since I moved I permitted myself to start eating garbage again, and I have been at restaurants nearly every day. Ackkk!! I have put on at least five pounds, and playtime needs to be over!
    We can take turns kicking each other in the ass.