Thursday, 25 August 2011

At the gym today

So I'm not a social person at the gym, I like to get a sweat on and day dream or listen to music.   So today when a lady sat next to me and started talking I was really regretting that my mp3 player was flat!

She was a chatting away and I was being polite but not overly talkative.  Then she busts out with how I should use her as motivation "you see, I've lost 10kg [22lbs] since November, if I can then you can too".  I couldn't help myself when I replied "that's great, I've lost about 30 since January", then after I thought oh man was that rude?  Should I have just said how wonderful and then kept my fat mouth shut?

I'm weighing tomorrow morning and I'm hoping for a loss.  But if not no biggy, because I know my jeans are feeling loser in the legs so wo0t.


  1. Ya know - I think sometimes it just hits you wrong. Especially if you are not in the mood for a chatter. There is a blogger that I sort of have a like/annoyed relationship with. Sometimes she has something interesting to say, sometimes she is presumptuous and it hits me wrong and I feel a strong desire to be shitty. Lord help me I should just stay the hell away from her. But I seem to like raising my own ire.

    I think I would have said the same thing. Never leave home without the music.

    I wanna know what she said when you told her about your weight loss.

    I love loose legged jeans.

  2. Her reply was something like "that just goes to show you, there is always someone doing better" I couldn't tell if it was meant in a good way or not - like did she think I was showing her up or was she saying see everyone can do it.