Wednesday, 31 August 2011


So I've been good this week, been to the gym three times.  Out of curiosity I jumped on the scales and I've put on weight!  WTF.  I know its a fluctuation, but it pisses me off.  Then weight I lost last week is back.

See this is why I could never weigh daily -LOL-  I should know just Mon and Fri.  Oh well, we'll see what happens on Friday.

I have been doing awesome at the gym, really pushing myself on the bike which I haven't done before.  Before I'd get on and cycle away but I'd never really be sweating a whole lot, now I get off drenched because I spend at least 10min really pushing it (well for me, RPM at 85+ and resistance 3-6).

Today I resisted lemon cake and chocolate brownies.  I had a three hour workshop and of course there was candy and cake.  I had a banana.  I felt very virtuous but man those brownies looked good -LOL-


  1. if I saw that lemon cake and brownies -- I would be all over that.

    Great job on the workouts! I miss having time to do that. I only did 40 minutes last week lol

    Don't worry about the scale -- muscles loves water and when we use them they suck water like a sponge!

    Keep at it. your progress may not reflect on the scale, but I bet you it will show through inches.

  2. Thanks Gertie, I just needed that reminder that when we work out harder, we hold the water more. Trends trends trends, the scale is to measure for trends and the pants are for progress!

  3. I love that we can feel all virtuous for passing up baked goods! Pffft. We will not give ourselves to just any old cake or brownie that comes our way... but we will indulge in a bit of phallicy bananas! LOL

    Really good news that you are dialing up the effort on the bike. I think you will get some good reurns off that - more than quicker weight loss - like it will pay off heart health wise. Cardiovascularly.