Sunday, 31 July 2011


Well I'm still maintaining, my weight is sitting there at 89.5kg.  I feel a little guilty that I'm not losing, but I am trying to focus on everything else in my life and figure not gaining is all good.  Partly I know I'm excuse making, but also I'm hoping that doing maintenance for a bit will help bust the plateau I was experiencing.

We went for an awesome walk today, it was only about an hour stroll (Willow pace for about half the way, then adult pace) but it was so great to be out in the bush.  We found a cool little waterfall, a spot we are thinking about doing Oakley's naming ceremony.  I miss the bush, where Neil and I grew up we were so much closer to nature.  Hamilton is all pasture land, while Rotorua was surrounded by bush and lakes.


  1. It looks like we were having the same problems with the 3fc blog. I tried leaving you a comment there and it didn't show. Anyway I'm glad I found you! :)

  2. Anything not going up is good eh? You are exercising, enjoying a bit of time outdoors with your family... and it is winter right? So come Spring, you will have a renewed sense of things and getting into your bathing suit will propel you into weight loss again! Give yourself shit if you gain. A journey with detours as a gorgeous woman once said.

    Nice new site B. the 3FC site was a maddening thing to deal with. Glad you moved. Maybe you will drop in a few more posts. With pictures. Of toe sucking kidlets.

  3. Hey, jitter, just a reminder that I need a final weigh in for the Midsummer Splash Challenge. I've been pretty busy, so just try to get it to me sometime in the next several days- I won't be a stickler about it. :) Thanks for participating!