Friday, 15 July 2011

Midsummer #3

Third work out done.  Leg work out on the kinect instead of pilates.  Willow joined in, god so cute!  She told me off in one instance because I wasn't doing one of them right -LOL-

I've installed a tracking app on my phone, to track calories and exercise.  I feel like I need to really refocus and get down below the 90kg mark.  I've been hovering too long, bouncing up and down.  It really is the weekends that kill, so come on, keep the focus!  Lets make it through the weekend without regrets.  Oh and the hubby, second time in a week he has bought me chocolate bar when he has gone down to the store.  I told him no, he ate the first one.  And then tonight he rocks in with a kit kat.  Grrrrr.  Come on Mr, get on my page would ya.  I will ignore the siren song, I've told him to eat it so he will probably snack on it later.

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