Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer splashing

Next challenge is up and running, Didi's Midsummer Splash challenge.  I've worked out two times so far, really hoping to be able to do 20min x 7 days although on weekends with the kids it is usually pretty hard to get anything done.  If its fine I can take them in the stroller so I can at least get something done.  And once they go to bed I'm just too exhausted.  Good thing is I have pilates DVDs so really I should just pop those in after they go to bed and do it (although DH usually complains then -LOL-).

I would love to do the swimming one, I really miss swimming :(  I have decided that next break (5weeks from now) I am going to add swimming in to my work out schedule for the two weeks that I'm off.  And then it will be 6 weeks back and then 4mos break plus SUMMER (oh how I hate winter) and I definitely be hitting the pool then.  I'm thinking by Christmas I want to be swimming 5km again.  I think that is an acheivable goal.  Then by Feb 10km?  Ready for Whale Island???  This is an open water ocean swim, swimming from an off shore island in to the coast.  It is 9km as the crow flies but you end up swimming more than that because you have to combat waves/tides/currents.  One year that my Dad did it there was a massive current change and they said that the swimmers would have been swimming about 14km.  Lots of swimmers got pulled out (you have to reach the half way mark by a certain time) and man were they exhausted by the end of it.  But I know that if I can swim 10, then I would be able to just keep going.  Its just a level of endurance/fitness.  And if I'm not ready, then I will do the Rotoma Lake swim which is 1.5, 3, 6, or 9km swims.

I'm thinking about putting my food journal tracking on here, at the moment I have my exercise/food journal on paper.  But I'd have to be more organised and get on here every day then -L-  Speaking of food, I am so sad - I found out that the average chicken doner kebab is around 1000cals.  I eat one at least every weekend for lunch!!  I thought they were healthy.  Honestly though I can't see how they can be more calories than a double whopper with cheese!  I'm wondering what they include (i.e. cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise none of which I eat).  So guess I need to find a new mall lunch.

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