Tuesday, 14 August 2012

All the small things

This morning I ran in to an old friend, I've not seen her in around 5 or 6 years or about my peak fat period.  She didn't recognise me!  She was so blown away she couldn't stop saying how good I looked, what an inspiration etc etc.  Yep, pretty damn stoked with that reaction!

My weight doesn't seem to have dropped, I'm trying not to obsess on that.  Pretty sure TOM is about to show (I'm not exactly regular alas), and I've been mostly good.  There have been a couple of cookies though that made it past my will power barrier.  But I did stand up to chocolate cake and candy on Monday which made me feel pretty awesome.

I have to go buy new underwear, size small.  Say whaaaaat!  Yep, I bought medium just a couple weeks ago, bought a few pairs, and now they are slowly slipping down, yanno that feeling!  Not too bad if I'm wearing pants, but I wear a lot of skirts for work so really not comfy.  And when exercising really bad.

Arms are tired today from working my guns on the rower.  Inspired by watching Olympic re-runs.


  1. Jitter!!! I have missed stopping in to read your posts! You are doing SO well on your journey! Loving the progress pictures, and I'm so jealous of your success, but I'm going to turn that jealousy into inspiration ;D I know the sweets have been getting to my head lately. Mostly I've been on an ice cream kick, and it's so easy to grab a cookie from work to eat on the job, so cutting out those extra 400 calories a day is going to be one hell of a battle. Keep strong and stay with it! So proud of all your success!!

  2. Lol, the only thing I can think of after reading that is how funny it would be if your underwear slid their way down to your ankles while in class!

    1. Believe me I've had that moment as they migrated south and I had to shimmy them on up as stealthly as possible!

  3. I loved it when I lost forty pounds after highschool, and everybody was telling me how amazing I looked. I completely changed my wardrobe, so nobody recognized me. Every time I bumped into somebody they'd tell me how beautiful, happy, and fabulous that I looked. Who doesn't want a shower of compliments?
    You've earned them!