Monday, 27 August 2012

A loss

I lost 1.5kg (3.3lb) of fat these past three weeks.  I almost said "only", but then remembered this pic.  1lb of fat, ewwww-ick.

I realised that I had been eating too much rice, I was suppose to be having 80g COOKED as a serve, but I was doing 80g RAW.  ooooops.  It equated to around 2-3x the amount, and given that I was eating that twice a day um yeah.  oopppps -LOL-

Jake was ok about the loss, but we had expected 2.1kg so there was a slight look of disappointed parent about him.  I will have that as the loss for the next weigh in.  In fact I'm hoping for more, I'm aiming for 3kg to make up for the not quite hitting goal last time.

Within 10kg to goal, man I've been so close for so long. If feels like forever. But I'll get there.  And super exciting Neil and I celebrate our 16 year anniversary in three weeks and at that time I'll weigh the same as what I weighed when I met him.  Booyah!

Back to essays.  Argghhhh.  The next six weeks are going to be a nightmare of grading.  And I will not use food as a comforter/mindless eating/distraction.  I've made a schedule to ensure I get exercise in and I even have house cleaning on there are distraction LOL.


  1. that pic is worth a thousand.. million words! 1 lbs is definately "not just" a pound.

    Sorry to hear about the essays, I know writing them isn't fun but I'm sure it's goes the same way grading them! Hopefully there aren't much students who write 10 pages when the requirement is only 2 lol :)

    Wish you an awesome week!

  2. Bleck. That pic is friggin' gross.
    Ok, your blunder with rice measurements made me giggle. Who hasn't made mistakes like that before? I know I've done things like that. One second I'm proud because I am practicing good portion control, and the next second it's, "Awwww shit, looks like my measurements are off."
    That's great that you will be the same weight that you were when the two of you met. I weigh about fifteen pounds more now than I did when I met my fella, and he weighs 12 more. Of course, he's still on the thin side- the lucky bastard.

  3. I prefer to believe that my fat looks like marshmallow fluff and feels like clouds!
    You are doing super well, you have such a small amount to lose and you are knocking it out in multiples! You rock...extra rice and all!