Friday, 31 August 2012

A journey pause?

I might be stopping trying to lose any more weight.  My Dr has suggested I stop trying and let my body just maintain for the next six months or so due to period and messed up hormone issues.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand I want to listen to Dr advice.  On the other its just a possibility that the weight loss has messed with my hormones and that giving my body a good break will help it reset.  Part of me wants to take advice purely because I'm actually really sick of trying to lose weight.  But I'm soooo close.  If I could stay on plan I could slog it out and be at goal in two months.  What's another two months right?


I was on some hormone pills to try and sort things (really irregular and painful periods) and that didn't help.  And when I lost 10cm around my booty and some around my arms that is an oestrogen storage site so it is all linked.

Its so easy to use this as an excuse and just say ok I'm done.  But what if I can't maintain and I gain?  Honestly I'm scared I'm going to gain all my weight back because while I've made some life style changes I still have no will power around sweets etc.  If there is chocolate in the house it is in my mouth!  So if I haven't made permanent sticking changes what will happen?


  1. What was your plan for maintenance? Now's a good time to implement it. I believe in you and know you can do this. Use this time to work on those changes that you struggle with. You got this!

  2. I agree with Goodnuff completely, now is the time to learn how to live healthy for the rest of your life. Dieting is the easy part, making it a life long journey to stay fit takes far more motivation and effort. You can do this though! I find the easiest way for me to maintain is to check my weight daily- yes daily, and not let myself go about 3-4 pounds at any given time before realizing that it's time to reel myself back in. If you stay consistent and keep the motivation it will happen. Good luck on your new journey!

  3. Well, what was your plan going to be like when you are done losing the weight in two months?

    I'd say to follow your intuition on this one. If you think that sticking it out for two months is your best course of action, then just go for it. Lose the rest of the weight and go into maintenance in a couple of months. Your hormones can level out two months from now instead of starting immediately. I don't think it makes that much of a difference, honestly.
    I'm not against listening to the Doc, but in a case like this that isn't life threatening- just do what feels best to you.