Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Some pics

So I found an old photo, taken at what would have been my heaviest (~290lb) and I was amazed.  As was my husband, he said he couldn't remember me ever being this big. Now unfortunately our camera is broken so we haven't taken any pics recently but this one here is my most recent and also the fat jeans pic.

Never again folks, never again.


  1. There is something devilishly wicked in your smile that is quite charming.

    Thanks for the comments. I am going to get some 5-HTP tomorrow. I've never tried it, but all the reviewers on Amazon love it. Is that a good way to judge a supplement?
    Should I just take the 5-HTP or should I try combining it with L-Theanine?

  2. the difference is so amazing! Your progress is so freaking inspiring :)!

  3. Mercy me. You look fabulous lady! I wonder how many people said "But you have such a pretty face!"

    Didi is right - you did have a wicked something going on in that before pic.

    Saw there was an earthquake in your neck of the woods - hope nobody got to scared in Jitterville!

    1. Lots of earthquakes in NZ lately, lucky for me we live in the most boring part of the country :) I grew up in a very geo-active area so am use to quakes, but now we have nothing, we're the safest area in the country as far as natural disasters go.

  4. Good news! Thanks for answering.

    I have never lived in a safe place. Not sure where that would be. We either have quakes and tsunamis or hurricanes and tornadoes. I pick the former... until they happen.