Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Down with non-food

I haven't been to the gym in FOREVER (almost a week in reality). Its like an itch that you can't scratch, a niggly feeling of you've forgotten something. I just want to go to the gym. But the problem is I'm a morning exerciser, in the evenings I just can't do it, its half hearted. I was thinking last night after the kids went to bed that I should go to the gym, that something is better than nothing right? Well its cold and dark, and the gym is all the way on the other side of town, I'd have to move Neil's car... a million reasons. Then this morning I wake up and feel like I could run to the gym. Damn body clocks.

I won't be going to the gym until Monday when I go back to work. Yep that's right break is almost over. Then six weeks of teaching, 2 weeks off, six weeks of teaching and OMFG the year is over. When I think like that it feels like the year is almost over. But I need to reign the brain in, because by Sep 15 I want to be sitting happily at 75-72kg. It is so close, 7-10kg to go in about 8 weeks. I know its do-able, but I'm not sure if I will get there. The closer to the ceiling the harder it is for sure. But by Xmas, hells yeah I'm gonna wear a pretty dress this year.

Eating on plan. My typical day is:
  • 35g of special k and a protein shake
  • yoghurt and apple
  • chicken salad sammie
  • 2 mandarins and 15 almonds
  • sweet potato, chicken and salad

I'm currently looking for recipes to make my own protein bars, I don't want to buy them all the time but I know once I'm a work (so eating gets harder due to time constraints) that protein bars are the best afternoon snack option for me. But they are filled with non-food. Non-food is any ingredient that has more than 3 syllables or a number in it (only applies to english words). When its science speak, its not food -LOL- So broc-co-li is acceptable, po-ly-dex-trose is not ;) I'm sure there are exceptions, feel free to tell me.


  1. " broc-co-li is acceptable, po-ly-dex-trose is not ;) " Haha!

    Your schedule makes the year bearable.

    I do not have a good protein bar recipe. I sometimes concoct a bar with peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, oats and rice crispies. Sometimes I put them in balls and roll them in raw coconut. Maybe some flax meal or chia seeds...

  2. My mom and I were just talking about making some kind of fruit and nut type bars the other day. I have an excalibur dehydrator that I used to use to make trail mix and what not, so adding honey or agave and molding it into a bar isn't much more work. Right? That thing is the Cadillac of dehydrators too, so there are nine trays and I could make a lot of bars.
    It's just like you mentioned- protein rich bars are a good option when you are on the go, but most of them have all kinds of mystery ingredients. The ones that don't cost way too much money.
    Let me know if you stumble on a good recipe.