Sunday, 8 July 2012

Just some ramblings

Not really sure what this post is about. I just wanted to write. The eating plan is going good, always great when I can stay I'm staying on plan. At least on plan food wise, exercise wise I won't be getting to the gym for a week :( I've got the kids home for the week, but if the weather is fine I'll try and go for a walk with them in the push chair. But its winter, so really chances of fine weather isn't great. Man, I've been eating so much raw broccoli lately so I've got lots of stinky farts going on. TMI I know, but in our house farts are celebrated. Oakley in particular thinks they are hilarious, nothing cuter than a 1.5yr old farting and giggling, and the giggles making him fart more!


  1. that is just too cute! lol :)

  2. I celebrate my farts. Mr. Munchberry's I am not to excited about. Or the dog's. I love it when little kids laugh at their own farting. Better than holding it in. Raw broccoli farts? Keep the windows open. Ditto that for any of those cabbagy stinkers.

  3. Kids laughing at farts is always a riot.

    Thank you so much for suggesting the 5-HTP. It is really helping with the insomnia issue, and it seems to have taken the edge off of the mood swings. I'm going to try it with the L-Theanine, but had to order some because I couldn't find it anywhere.

  4. Lol, now I'm laughing a your kids farts!
    Why are they funny when you are with people you love but embarrassing in public? They should be just as funny in public and then people would be happier from not holding them in and getting gut rot! No?