Friday, 25 May 2012

Shiratake chicken stir-fry

So I just tried shiratake noodles for the first time NOT in sukiyaki.  Thought I better write down what I did because the stir-fry was yuuuum.


Shiratake noodles
Chicken stock
Peanut butter
Peanut oil

1.  Wash shiratake noodles really well
2.  Par-boil shiratake in a pot with half a garlic clove, half a chicken stock cube, some water and a dash of kikoman
3.  Remove from heat and drain and leave to dry
4.  In a bowl marinate chopped chicken breast with some kikoman, garlic, the other half of the chicken stock (dissolved in a just enough water to make a paste).  Marinate for however long (at least 30min)
5.  Dash of peanut oil in a wok, add onion and noodles and fry until onion is soft
6.  Remove from pan and set aside
7.  Add chicken to the pan (with marinade), about half a tablespoon of peanut butter and fry
8.  Add vegetables (except spinach) and after about 2min add noodle/onion mix
9.  Add spinach just enough to wilt
10. Season and serve

If you're not familiar with shiratake noodles they are a Japanese noodle that is low cal, low carb, low fat.  Depending on the variety they are around 20 calories, 3g carb (1 net carb because 2g fibre), 0.5g of fat per serve.  They smell like fish at first, you need to wash them really well (they come in a fluid filled bag) and most people par-boil them before using.   Apparently they work well as a pasta substitute in cheese based dishes too, so I'll give that a go at some stage.

I'd eaten these when I was in Japan, and konnyaku (which is the vegetable that it comes from) blocks and thought it was disgusting.  Then again I didn't like miso soup when I was over there either and now I love it.

Neil is thinking of trying low carb as well, he is eating low carb dinners with me but not sure if he has the dedication/motivation.  I hope he sticks with it, will make life easier!


  1. I still have never tried shiratake noodles, but seeing as how I like most foods I am sure I'd like 'em. My next cooking goal is learning to make my own sushi, so I might throw some shiratake noodles onto my grocery list and finally try them too. Your recipe sounds tasty.

  2. I love sushi and love making my own too, its so easy and fun

  3. I can sort of tolerate the tofu shiratake noodles because the texture is better. The others... wretched nasty texture.

    Both - the smell is vile. BUT if you have some sort of heavily scented sauce...

    Have you considered spaghetti squash?

    1. We don't have spaghetti squash in NZ!

  4. Tried them twice. Gagged both times. Not much makes me gag but yeah, can't do it!
    Glad to hear that your low carb is still going well. Good for you!

  5. LOVE shiratake mushrooms! :) can't wait to try! thanks for sharing the recipes~

    1. No no, you're thinking of shitake mushrooms, not the same thing.

  6. Sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

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