Tuesday, 5 June 2012

And now that's over...

So I'm no longer low carb.  Three weeks I made it and then a weekend of carbs.  I've decided to still reduce my carbs but dammit I like being able to eat a sandwich for lunch!

I've decided to make an appointment with a fitness nutritionist.  He gets you to bring in what you eat (three weeks of tracking usually) and then he designs a meal plan around what you normally eat but at a relevant calorie/nutrition level for you to lose weight (or whatever your goal).  He sounds a bit of a brutal task master but I think that's what I need. 

I've revised my goal, I was to get to 66kg now.  It was 75.  So now it means ~15kg to go instead of ~5.  But guess what, if I got to 66 that would mean I have lost 66kg!  I'd be half the person I was.

Hope you're all doing good, last week of teaching for me so I'll actually have some blogging time and be able to make the rounds.  Five weeks of no teaching (but grading, writing stuff for next semester etc) means five weeks of not having to be at uni at certain times, I can go to the gym three days a week without issue!  Because I will have the kids the two other working days.


  1. Wait. It was 75 and now it is 66? I am confused.

    Good idea going to the nutritionist and that he can model a plan around the stuff you normally eat. It would be good to know what the amounts have to be in order to drop the weight.

    How did you feel after carb weekend?

  2. Done for the semester? Nice! How is the time off work going?
    Your guy sounds good. I'd like know what the proper amounts of what I like would be. Probably zero ounces, lol!
    How do you feel about getting so close and then pushing your goal down even further? How tall are you? I just figured out that you started at where I currently am. Wow! Maybe I knew that before but I'm re-impressed by it. Good for you!

  3. So what were the results from the three weeks of no carbs? Did you have any significant loss? Just wondering.
    It is tough not eating bread. Sooooo yummy.
    For a while I was eating sandwiches made on lettuce leaves or napa cabbage leaves. That is tasty sometimes, but my brain isn't fooled.

  4. hey lady! You've been MIA for awhile now. I hope all is well! We miss you in the blogging world :)