Tuesday, 21 June 2011

No challenges, just the norm

So last two days I’ve just gone for plain ol’ workouts and staying on plan.  I was very tempted to have crap today but limited it to one small piece of chocolate and then used the will power and said no more.  So I came well in energy budget.
Next week I’m having a girls day, lunch and movies.  This is going to be a tough day because it will be a calorie dense day.  I’m already thinking about how to deal with it - including going to the gym in the morning, making sure I eat a healthy option for lunch and then just enjoying some popcorn but nothing else.  Problem is K is a major sweet tooth and buys a ton of candy and I just can’t say no.  She knows I’m in the process of reducing my weight (note I did not say trying to lose, I’m not trying I’m doing, and I’m not losing because I’m not going looking for it) but she is a skinny-bean so to her chowing down on a kg of candy is nothing.  So either I need to make it clear to the girls that they need to be strong for me, or I need to find some will power, or I just enjoy myself.  I’m thinking of the later, its an uncommon thing and I figure I need to think of this as the rest of my life and I need to be able to deal with this.  So enjoy but don’t binge.  I don’t know.

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  1. First,thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I love hearing from people and sharing journeys. Second, I love the idea of "reducing" instead of "losing". LOVE it!