Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 5

Today I jumped on the kinect for the first time in ages, to do the "watch tv" challenge.  For those not familiar with kinect, it is the controller free play for Xbox 360, that shows you on screen playing.  What was really cool was seeing how my body shape had changed from when I started exercising until now (because I've not played on the kinect for months).  I did some cardio boxing and some box smashing.  I would have done more but the other half was getting a bit impatient.  He actually joined in for some but he had to bail, woohooo I out exercised him yeh.

I realised that I'm not all that far from ONEderland.  This challenge will totally help me reach it. As a well known kiwi celebrity said on wheel of fortune, "can I get an O for oawesome" -g-

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