Friday, 24 June 2011

5 months on...

So it has been five months since I started reducing my weight, what's changed?
  • My weight: 25 kg (55lb) gone, an average of 5kg (11lbs) a month is more than I expected. I'm preparing for that loss to be slower, to reach plateau and have to bust through it. I am re-evaluating my month goal now and am going to aim for 3kg a month. I think that is realistic without being ambitious.
  • My eating style: I'm eating a much healthier balanced diet without depriving myself. I'm still eating take aways, just sensibly. I think eating is more important than exercise when it comes to my reduction in weight (this might not be true for others)
  • Exercise: I cannot realistically get 5 workouts in a week, but I can do at least one.
What I've learned:
  • I have learned that I am great at making excuses and tradeoffs.
  • It takes more than 21 days to make or break a habit -LOL-
  • I love exercise
  • I can do it (be it lose weight, or start running). The little voice in my head is slowly being drowned out by a far more positive voice
What I've achieved
  • Well obviously dropping the weight
  • This morning was the first time EVER that I have weighed less than my husband! 15 years its taken -LOL- He was a skinny bean when we met, he has put it on now but of course once I start losing he starts losing too. But woohoo, I weigh less!
  • I don't have to shop in the fat section!
  • I can run, not far or long yet, but I can do it. Currently doing first week of C25K
  • More confidence but still a ways to go

Ok so I'm not posting my unsexy underwear progress pics yet, I'm not that game to show that side by side show -LOL- But here is a before and progress (today) pic. Plus a baby shot coz I loves my kids

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