Sunday, 9 September 2012

My name is Jitterfish, and I'm a sweet-a-holic

Its so obvious really, but to be honest I've only just realised I truly am an addict when it comes to sugary treats. I cannot have just one, and if I know they are there I cannot control myself.  I always joked about being an addict, but its with a big ol "duh" and a little bit of liberation that I realised that I am an addict.

Now just how to deal with it.  For one not having it in the house. I now know that even when I get to goal this is going to have to be the norm, if I have the junk I'll eat the junk.  Lucky for me I'm not to fussed for crisps, I've very much a sweet tooth. It means the kids have to have very boring cookies that I don't really like, not a bad thing I guess. This will get more challenging as they get older though!

Guess I'm lucky I don't like alcohol as well, bright side right?


  1. im the same way. sweet is coded in my dna I think. It takes more effort to really say no in my case to compare it the the next person. The thing about what other people say, like have a "cheat day" doesn't work for me, it only fuels the monster and go downhill from that. The out of sight, out of mouth works and little mind games that I play to prevent me from going to the store and buying sweets also works lol. But we're all human, and what matters is that we pick ourselves up and not give up when we "trip" over a candybar or two lol :)

  2. No kid has ever died from lack of cookies in the house. I think the key to not messing kids heads up with food issues is consistency. Not that I know anything about that particular "c" word or others like "control" ;-)
    You have to do what will work for you!

  3. I never had problems with sweets until this last year. My cousin moved in with her kids and then suddenly there were sweets and junk foods in the house all the time. Shortly after that my boyfriend moved in with me as well, and he is big into sugary snacks. And then BANG I am completely addicted to sugar.
    I've been slowly giving sugar up, because I realized it actually was a legitimate problem for me. In the evenings I was craving sweets so much that it was getting ridiculous. The first day I forced myself to eat no sweets I got a headache. Yikes.
    Now that there aren't any sugary things left in the house, I'm just going to refrain from buying them. If it isn't around I generally am not motivated enough to go out and get it when I have a craving.

  4. I have never met a cookie I did not like.

  5. I too am a sweet-aholic... there must be a support group somewhere...