Friday, 7 September 2012

A mixed victory

Fridays are my hardest day of the week, its the day I'm always off plan and eat crap.  Today was no different.  It started with a cookie eaten quickly with guilt, and of course not actually enjoyed so why why why did I do it?  Then I felt good about myself when at music I only had a cup of tea and didn't partake in the choccie bikkies on offer.  Lunch was good and then the danger zone, Friday afternoon.  I eyed up the kids cookies and told myself no, and then my eyes spied chocolate buttons.  There was a moment of "aw shit" LOL. My sister had come over on Wed and made cakes with the kids and I thought she had used all the chocolate up or taken it home.  I lasted about two hours before a crinkle could be heard from the pantry as I opened the packet and ate some buttons, then some peanut butter.  Because nom nom choccie and pb!

Then as I contemplated "should I eat them all at once to get rid of them" (y'all know that idea, eat it so its not in the house!) it occurred to me that if I didn't want them in the house to avoid temptation then it was so frickin simple, get rid of them.  I poured them in to the sink, ran the hot water and watched (with almost tears) the chocolate melt away.

So I feel a little proud and a little disappointed.  I wish I had the will power to have chocolate in the house, chocolate buttons are great mini-treats for the kids.  But I just have no control.


  1. I can't have sweets and junk food in the house or I will just nom nom nom it all up. When I get into the habit of having sweets then I want them every day. When I stay away from them I stop wanting them completely.
    Now that there will be no kids in the house soon (next Sunday- woo!) I am glad that all the junk food will be gone. No more cookies, chips, and everything else is going to make for an easier day for me.
    Shed a tear for that melting chocolate. I would have.

  2. Amen to that. I can't have sweets or desserts in the fridge because I will eat them all. And I definately feel like I'm wasteful throwing food away so I likely end up eating them instead.

  3. Again, another subject I've been dealing with. God Jitter, I don't know if I should laugh or never gets easier does it? Eff!