Friday, 12 October 2012


Thought I'd better throw some words here.  I'm super busy as semester draws to an end, I have one more week of teaching and then we're in to exams, so as of next Friday life slows down yay.  I have graduation for our students on Wednesday and I'm quite excited about it because this year I'm not going to be ducking the cameras :)  The following Wednesday I have to chair a conference and that is pretty much the last thing in my diary for things I have to be places I have to be.  Such an awesome feeling to know that its almost summer, almost holidays woohoo.

Weight wise I'm in maintenance, I've done enough.  A year and a half and I just do not have the drive anymore, and I'm ok with it.  I'll post a pic of moi soon, but until then here is my fav quote at the moment, had to make it in to a pic to inspire.

Hope everyone is good, I'll do the rounds in a week or so.

Mucho love
jitters aka wiggly aka brydget


  1. it's been a while brydget! we missed you out here in the blogging world :) Glad you posted!

  2. Maintenance is a good idea. You've worked your ass off and lost so much weight that it'll probably give your body a break to just maintain a while. Getting from 290's to the 170's is a huge achievement. Bask in the glory of how much you kick ass!