Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Gosh its been almost a month since I last posted, as you can guess life is busy.

I turn 33 today, I'm super happy about it although from a weight perspective I expected to be at goal now, oh well.  Its funny, I'm not losing but obviously I'm losing weight, gaining muscle and the density of muscle yada yada we've all heard that before... because in the past week I've had many comments on how good I'm looking even though these are people that see me regularly so its not like from drastic weight change.  One day I did happen to wear a dress that obviously had a really good cut because it gave me some shape and that day everyone commented.  I will take a pic of it and post it.  I bought it for a funeral ( my great Aunt who was 89 so not really that sad) and then wore it to work one day when I had to look all impressive.

So lets see, anything knew?  Not really.  I am planning on doing a competition called the tough guy tough gal challenge - 6 or 12km run through mud, swamp, under barbed wire etc.  So I need to find some creative training -LOL-  I'm going to run in the current pool, figure that would be a good work out and good training. 

That's all I have time for, I have essays to mark and have been so busy at work training the biology olympics team (yes that is a thing LOL) that I'm totally behind on marking so I'm sitting here at 9pm on a Friday night on my birthday grading papers.  But I have 50 essays that I want to get through before Monday, and then I'll have another 50 to do next week once classes start back and hopefully have them all done (~210 essays all up) before my next lot of major marking comes in the following week (~170 lab reports) plus of course test marking which is a constant of my job too.  Argggh. 

Love to everyone, I hope to make the rounds soon.


  1. Sweet girl Happy Birthday!! May all your dreams and aspirations come true -- you deserve it :)


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Fun fact: Your birthday is on our Marijuanna celbration day, lol! (not legally recognized) So many people here in North America were very "happy" it was your birthday! If you're not familiar with it, there is a wikipedia that outlines it, just search 4/20. Hope you had a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday! A day late but if you are anything like me you'll be celebrating all weekend!
    That competition sounds amazingly fun. Barbed wire though, goodness that is some serious business. I'd probably get that hooked on the back of my pants somehow and would wind up at the other end in just my undies.
    Can't wait to see the pics, compliments rock especially near knees birthday.

  4. Ok, where is the pic of you in the dress? Get crackin'!