Monday, 30 April 2012

Marking come out the waazoo

Alrighty folks, just a wee note to say I'm still alive.  I've got so much damn marking to do its insane.  I've just finished grading essays, this week I have 200+ lab reports due plus tests.  So yep, not much time.

Marking makes me eat, I've been so off plan its terrible.  But weight is stable.  I went for a swim today at lunchtime.  We have an endless pool (current pool) at the gym which is a great work out but so boring.  I didn't realise how much I enjoyed swimming laps.  I thought I hated it, because I hate swimming in a 25m pool and prefer a 50m pool because I hate turning.  But when you swim and don't get anywhere its boring.  My new waterproof MP3 player hasn't arrived yet either so it was super boring.  Oh, plus the pool has two mirrors in it!  So you get to stare at yourself while you swim, man seeing my jiggly bits in the water, emphasised even more by the current pushing on your skin is not pretty.

What I do like about it though is I can go for a 30min swim, not have to spend time showering and changing.  Its just like jump out of the pool, quick dry off and change.  Couple min vs 15min.  So I am thinking I might take my togs (swimmers?  bathers?  what do ya'll call them) with me on Tuesdays too because I might just be able to get a swim in on some days when my morning class finishes early (I teach from 9-10, then 10-1 but this half of the semester my 10-1 class will often be only 2 hours yay).


  1. Aww I love water exercise they really work you out. I miss having a pool! I hope thing get better with you. We're in the same boat I think -- to many crap going on. But it looks like you're doing a fabulous job putting in the fitness. You're inspiring me to do the same

    hugs! gertie

  2. screw it, "A"'s for everyone! ;-)
    Swimsuit? That's what I wear to swim. I liked doing water aerobics because when I got warm and sweaty I could just go under water. It was a therapy pool so it was kept extra warm. Nice when first getting in but not very refreshing. I wish I could find a work out that I didn't need to shower afterwards. I'm not a publicly presentable person without a shower.